stand up for house of holland.

Gosto de marcas com personalidade. Com um conceito. Por mais estranho que este possa parecer.

É bom destacares-te do melting pot com uma identidade. E esta marca é, sem duvida, um exemplo disso mesmo. Apresento-vos a sua história , contada por quem assistiu de perto à sua criação :

There once was a boy called Henry,
(Whose taste was somewhat bendy…),
With a pash for fash,And all things flash,
He was quite the talk of the trendy.
One day Henry had an idea,
And a genius one it was clear,
For a range of t-shirts,
That were so hip they hurt,
"Anna Wintour'll love 'em", he cheered!
So he set about thinking of slogans,
That the fash crowd would lap up like no-one's,
His fave celebs,
Designers (and plebs),
None were safe,
and he had so much fun!
That's how House of Holland was born,
(on the name he never was torn),
"Buy this Coleen!",
His first t-shirt screamed,
And so Heat magazine got on board…
The rest, as they say, is history,
And there really is no great mystery,
If you want to be cool,
At work, play or school,
Better snap one up pretty damn swiftly!


Designer : Henry Holland
Graphic Designer : Chris Williams
Sales Manager : Jessica Fletcher

Official Website:

Stay Gold.

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ThisIzME disse...

Desconhecia totalmente a marca, que falha...tou fã!!!

Lets Shooooooop!!!

Nice blog btw

Rachel disse...

love it