Usugrow started drawing since 1993. Drawing for various hardcore,metal bands,hiphop groups,album covers,merchandise,clothing brands,shops,skatecompanies,shops...whatever.
I´ve always been interested in the names behind the artworks.
Despite of not being quite "my cup of tea" I appreciate the work and unique style of this japanese artist.
I know him from collaborations with some brands like upperplayground and the hundreds, from some bands (la coka nostra, terror,etc) artwork and from Justapoz and Rugged mags.

Abnormals, Balzac, Blind Justice, But Scream, Cocobat, Cocoro, DBX, Death File, Dessert, Evil .C, Exorgrindst,Expensive Taste, Fine, Half Life, Hellbent, I Defy, LA COKA NOSTRA,Linkin Park, Unchack, Passing Truth Drive, Pulling Teeth, Repair, Rise From The Dead, Shadows Fall, Super Villain,Suns Owl, Swollen Members, Taiho, Total Fury, Utban Terror, Warfare, Wedge,Air Jam, Beast Feat, Ignite, Pnhole, Loud Park, Mountain High Tour, Motor Bones...

Clothing Brands:
Bad Taste, Base Xeroxero, Balck Dallas, Famous Stars And Stripes, FIFTY24SF, Fuudo Brain, Gain Ground, Hex Antistyle, THE HUNDREDS, Jungroove, Remilla, Sam`s, Satan
Arbeit, Shocker, Tribal Gear, UPPER PLAYGROUND.
Skate Company, stores:
Care Free, Consolidated Skateboards, Natty Dread, Skull Skates, Real Skateboards, Supernaut, Trigger Skateboards, Violent Grind

Adidas, Burton Snowboard, SECRET BASE(toy), SLAP(hair salon), VERMIN BIKES(mountain bike).
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