CTRL Clothing Co.

It all started ten years ago in Finland, two friends decided to create a brand and this was how CTRL Clothing was stablished.
A vaguely street-wearish brand with crazy prints and colors in a surprisingly fresh way. The line has its roots as a skateboard brand and it’s clear that it hasn’t strayed away from the counterculture. (Check out the NSFW "About" section on their website to get a little taste of their sense of humor.)

The diverse company makes everything from T-shirts (some with clever internet references), patterned hoodies, New Eras, hot girls clothes, skateboard decks and CTRL brand wheels. They even have Healing Stones and an Escort Service listed on their website categories but (unfortunately) they have no products available yet.

Their Fall 2008 line is an unlikely pairing of African-inspired graphic prints, patterns and camouflage. See more pics of the lookbook below. Hope you like it.

more info at : http://www.ctrlclothing.com/

Stay Gold.

4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

oi! sabes onde ha sapatilhas the alife em portugal á venda??

Knowledge Reigns $upreme Over Nearly Everybody disse...

há na loja onde trabalho, sita na rua do norte, n 74, Bairro Alto. Chama-se Big Punch.
Agora estao em promoção, aproveita :) *

Anónimo disse...

yeahhhh :) ctrl is dope! my friend glenn skates here on there team....goood shit for sure :)

i miss you!

Knowledge Reigns $upreme Over Nearly Everybody disse...

How´s Australia? Gotta get together soon! For real. I miss you and all the great times :)