Cutler & Gross

I had to post this since I knew Cutler&Gross fall/winter 08 collection is inspired by one of my favourite movies EVER, "Belle de Jour" by Luis Buñuel, staring the Goddess Catherine Deneuve.
I totally love the story and the outfits of the movie! And this guys as well, their glasses are just perfect!

About Cutler&Gross:
Over the last 39 years Graham Cutler and Tony Gross have spear-headed the revolution that turned eyewear from medical necessity into key fashion accessory. From their London base in Knightsbridge, Cutler and Gross began building its eyewear empire. The Cutler and Gross brand has become a by-word for originality and flair. It’s client base transcends all ages, industries and backgrounds, drawing from the worlds of music, the arts, finance, fashion, journalism and design.
Cutler and Gross celebrates the individual rather than the label, a philosophy which has enabled them to be both internationally chic and discerningly underground.
Clients are not defined by their profession, but by an identification with the style and quality of the product. The Cutler and Gross frame designs and colours have a unique capacity to invoke the imagination.


Also, I have to post this OUTSTANDING COLABORATION with Comme des Garçons, this collection was inspired by the multi layered sleeves on the jackets in the S/S 08 Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus collection. Lovely!

Stay Gold.

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Rachel disse...

grd post! nerd glasses comin soon. ja n ha paciencia para lentes all day