Tate Modern Today!

The Tate Modern’s façade, in London, is different. The Museum comissioned six graffitti artists to create site-specific works directly on the river’s façade. They are Gemeos and Nunca (Brasil), Blu (Italy), Faile (USA), JR (France) and Sixeart (Spain).

Unfortunatly, this is the last day of this exhibition, so, if you´re around London Town just move your ass to Bankside London SE1 9TG and check it. I loved it :)

Stay Gold.

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ThisIzME disse...

Sem dúvida que vale a pena ir ver de perto, os Gémeos arrebentaram!!!

Knowledge Reigns $upreme Over Nearly Everybody disse...


ThisIzME disse...

Pena que não tenham explorado mais a coisa, com mais trabalhos numa das galerias....Lá vai voltar o cinzentão ao TATE! HAHAHA