Monsier Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin (1928-1991) was one of the best known fashion and advertising photographers of the second half of the 20th century.
He worked for Vogue magazine from 1955 onwards for roughly 30 years.
His work for Vogue, together with another Seventies famous fashion photographer, Helmut Newton, defied the standards, ideas and theories about fashion photography in general.

Both used strong themes, including themes such as sex, death, violence, glamour and fear, to provoke a new way of looking at Man in general.
Curiously, Madonna's 2003 music video for "Hollywood" was greatly influenced by the photography of Bourdin, so much so that a lawsuit was brought on against her by Bourdin's son for copyright infringement.
He has been an influence on many artists, and continues to be so until this very day.
...and for the interested ones from 28/06/2008 until 14/09/2008 theres an exhibition of his work untitled "A Message For You" @ the Fotomuseum in Antwerpen, Belgium.

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