Eleanor Hardwick

This 15 year old teenage photographic prodigy will be a part of this interesting exhibition in Lisbon from 11th October till 7th November, do not miss it!

her contribution:

OMG! I´m dazed, amazed and positively impressed by this little girls talent. CONGRATS KID.


Eleanor was born in Oxford, England in 1993. She became interested in photography at the age of twelve when she bought a doll and took some photos of it. Since then she has had offers from organisations and individuals including The BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, Dazed and Confused, Ponystep, several galleries, and various professional models, musicians and individuals.In 2009, she hopes to study photography and fine art at a sixth form college. She plans to then work fulltime in fashion and conceptual, editorial and advertising, photography.

more at:

Stay Gold.

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esta miuda é genial n é?

bem me parecia que seria do teu interesse!


Rachel disse...

wow o_o

Knowledge Reigns $upreme Over Nearly Everybody disse...

e pareceu-te muitissimo bem!
sou uber esquisita no que toca à fotografia mas acredita que admiro mesmo o trabalho/talento desta miuda!
obrigada pela dica da fabrica, afinal acho que quem vez o design fdo convite foi um amigo meu e tenho uma amiga miha a expor tambem :))) vemo-nos lá*