We've all had RIVALS...

...We've thrown darts at them, figure of speech or otherwise. But not all of them are known enemies. We know they plot against us, but we can't put a face on them. Enter our logo. They want to make sure we fail miserably, but we will counter their intelligence and spy back on them. We don't want to be winners, we want to be conquer in the fashion of a true underdog winner. Behind the Rivals brand, there are people who grew up feeling this way. They have faced off against 8-bit monsters and adversaries first, then against schoolyard champions, corporate vampires and well...all types of expectations from their families. Now, they bring you their tales of awkwardness and wit, instigations and invasions and mostly, of never really wanting to became something they are not just because everybody is supposed to suit up, shut up and grow up. All that, in clothing.

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Rivals are for lovers, haters and everyone in between. GET YOURS!

3 comentários:

Leandro disse...

é a catarina nas fotos? ta muito gira!

Knowledge Reigns $upreme Over Nearly Everybody disse...

É sim, senhor Leandro :)
Está um máximo.
Acho que para além da marca ser muito fresh a escolha dos modelos também foi bem feita.
Agora tens que encomendar a tua :)

min disse...