Completely and utterly broken.

Hank: Over?
Karen: You don’t want me, Hank.
Hank: Oh, that’s not true.
Karen: Isn’t it?
Hank: Hum hum.
Karen: We were good together. We were happy. I thought we were a fucking fairytale. But if you’re careless with something for long enough you know it breaks. And that’s how I feel. Broken. Completely and utterly broken.
Karen: If you were going to have sex with someone, and you knew it was going to be the absolute last time, what do you think it would be like?
Hank: I think it would be incredibly sad.
Yeah, so do I… Make me sad.

Stay Gold.

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Rach disse...

Cali fucks ppl up...and many other shit too. <3 u.

Ana Rodrigues Bidarra disse...

Love you too. Miss you <3