sarah sinkin could you ever taste my $in?

It all started with an amusing conversation about grotesque and surreal realities, a matter that had always amazed me.

From furry suits to fake fluffy animal heads (horses, pandas, bears,etc) in human bodies. Just love it.
I can clearly remember the first time I saw terry richardson website and he was wearing that furry bear suit in the woods... WOW!
Obviously for no physical reasons, but the concept itself, for me, was as simple as breathtaking. And I´m a hard defender of the "less is more" apology but sometimes you gotta complicate to simplify.

Back to the issue I was introducing, yes, it all started with a friends chat about music and grotesque/surrealism, distorted notions of reality and photographyand suddenly this name popped up : Sarah Sitkin...

I am, actually, an oldchool film camera fan, but in the era of digital photography, in my humble opinion, this girl knew exactly how to create her very own style and at the same time, her work is as unique as heterogeneous...

Her work is probably the "coming true" of her twisted mind and imagination.
She also takes pictures of some music artists, such as:
Venetian Snares.
Otto Van Schirach.

I guess there´s not much to say about her, besides, her work speaks for herself.

more info at:
Stay Gold.

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